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What Is Kokua?

“In the native Hawaiian culture, Kokua is a very important word. It speaks of a way of relating to others that is characterized by kindness and a desire to be of help.”

Kokua is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing supportive services to citizens with disabilities.

Supported Living Services

The purpose of Supported Living services is to enable individuals with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community. Services are tailored around individual need. Some individuals may need only a few hours of service a month. Other individuals may need support 24 hours a day. Supported Living services are flexible and consumer-driven.

In addition to in-home support, Kokua staff persons regularly assist consumers to participate in community activities: clubs, classes, movies, socializing with friends, sporting events, fishing, visiting the Y- whatever the individual requests.

Who Can Receive Supported Living Services?

Supported Living services are authorized by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). If you are currently a client of DDD, ask your DDD case manager if you are eligible for Supported Living services. It is also possible to pay privately for Supported Living Services. For more information, please contact Chris Ramussen-Barsanti. Phone: (360) 705-4665, ext. 101 or email